Canopy Features

Every canopy is a bespoke product developed for an individual client’s requirements.  Various options are available to help achieve the precise needs of the kitchen and staff:

Canopy Grease Filtration

Standard kitchen canopies are designed with grease baffle filters, however UV filtration or carbon filter systems are available to further eliminate grease build up within the extract ductwork. Baffle filters work by moving saturated air through multiple sharp changes of direction thus allowing air to move through relatively unobstructed but trapping grease particles as they pass, which then drain to the reservoir.

Tempered Air Supply

When compensation air kitchen canopies are specified, it is important to consider the temperature of the makeup air to the kitchen environment as essentially it is a place of work and comfort is an important consideration. Midtherm can supply and install heater batteries or dedicated air handling units to effectively regulate the temperature of supply air to the kitchen and thus prevent secondary condensation forming due to differential air temperature.

Odour Control

Carbon filtering is a method of cleaning contaminates and impurities, using the process of chemical absorption. Each granule of carbon provides a large surface area increasing the filter’s ability to capture contaminants. Captivation works by trapping pollutant molecules within the pore structure of the carbon substrate.  

We also utilise UV filtration systems to achieve odour control, with the added benefit of reducing bacterial build up.


All ducting installed by Midtherm complies fully with DW144 and is bolted together via mezz flanges. Our ductwork can be fire rated and insulated to suit specific site requirements. Options are available to powder coat ductwork and install our aesthetically pleasing Windvent style terminals in areas where visual impact is to be minimised. 

Fire Suppression

Midtherm’s typical fire suppression system is designed for rapid flame knockdown and comes as a pre engineered, wet chemical, cartridge operated regulated pressure type with a fixed nozzle agent distribution network for maximum effect.  The systems we use are ideal for protecting areas exposed to cooking equipment and potential fire including canopies, ducts, plenums and filters.

When the fusible link in the system is broken either by fire, or manually, the chemical agent is dispensed via nozzles and the fuel to the cooking appliances is shut off.  The suppressant liquid is released, smothering the flames and cooling the hot surfaces.

The fire suppressant agent protects operatives and equipment within seconds, whilst also being easy to clean up in the aftermath of a fire, reducing the period of time before the kitchen is operating again.


Midtherm Engineering only use approved, sealed clean room kitchen canopy lighting systems designed and manufactured to meet modern stringent hygiene regulations.  Our lighting is typically supplied as one of two types, either recessed fluorescent low profile units or recessed incandescent units. All lights supplied are flame and grease proof, manufactured to IP65, and are selected to achieve an illumination level of approximately 500 lux, at worktop level.

Control Systems


All of our control systems meet the requirements of BS6173 and combine modern digital gas proving technology with reliable ventilation / gas interlocking connections in one clear, concise panel. We also supply a range of natural gas, carbon monoxide, CO, and carbon dioxide, CO2, detectors for use in conjunction with the control panel.


Heat Recovery

Where space and budget allow, heat recovery can be a successful way to utilise the energy created from the cooking process.  The heat can be used to elevate the incoming air temperature or to raise incoming mains water supply.

On the basis that the tempering of air is not required all year around, the provision of heating water is deemed more efficient, as there is always a requirement for hot water in a kitchen.

There are different means of transferring the waste heat from the exhaust air, depending on the requirements, all with differing levels of efficiency.

Electrical Works

Our qualified electricians install our lighting, emergency stop push switches, fan wiring and control panels. All work can be commissioned and NIC EIC Certification provided for insurance and peace of mind. 

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