Design Process

When undertaking the development of any canopy package, the following items are considered within our design process:

Local authority restrictions.
Type and size of appliances including the power source of appliances.
Room/ building dimensions.
Estimate of cooking content (low, medium or high) and subsequent filtration control.
Method 1 calculations for improved energy savings.
Gas solenoid safety cut off requirements.
CO² monitoring.
Heater battery requirement for tempered air input systems.
Extract and compensation air ductwork design (tempered or otherwise).
Control systems.
Fan selection and attenuation.
Fire suppression.
Heat recovery - Reducing energy costs whilst still providing a fresh air supply.
Odour control, via carbon filters or UV filtration.
Lighting – Varying lux levels are available to suit your requirements.
Energy efficiency – Ratio control between input and extract, with option for cooking fluctuation control.

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Case Studies

Chimney and flue
Client to have new boilers and CHP plant installed at Telford Ice Rink complete with new flue systems discharging above roof level in accordance with the Clean Air Act. The final confirmed discharge...
Telford Ice Rink
Furanflex Installation

Client had to have existing boilers replaced over a weekend to ensure continuation of heating during the heating season. The old boilers were pressure jet, and the combined flue d...

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