Furanflex Chimney Liners

Furanflex is a lining system that can be fitted into chimneys of any shape and size.
We are experienced installers of this revolutionary product.

It consists of an air tight tube (highly flame and heat resistant) made of a composite material that is flexible – so can navigate chimneys with small openings, bends or other awkward shapes – where traditional chimney liners just will not fit (unless you start removing brickwork and adding joints).

Once in place the tube is inflated and filled with steam, causing it to mould itself to the sides of the chimney. As it cools, it hardens to a material stronger than steel, which is non corrosive and has no joints.

Our engineers and fitters have been comprehensively trained in Furanflex installation. We have also invested in the specialist machinery required, so can respond quickly whenever Furanflex is needed.

As we also supply and fit the flue systems to which the Furanflex connects, we are able to offer a complete service. This includes the initial design by our skilled engineers, who will only recommend Furanflex if it is the best solution for a particular project.

A very similar product called Ventiflex can also be used to line ventilation ducts and kitchen canopy systems.

More details on Furanflex & Ventiflex:
25 year guarantee
Heat resistant to 400 degrees C
Only 3mm thick
Gas and water tight
Can be used on chimneys up to 80m high, and 80 cm wide
Smooth inner surface makes it efficient
Suitable for all fuel types
Certified to all industry standards

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Case Studies

Chimney and flue

Client to have new boilers and CHP plant installed at Telford Ice Rink complete with new flue systems discharging above roof level in accordance with the Clean Air Act. The final ...

Telford Ice Rink
Furanflex Installation

Client had to have existing boilers replaced over a weekend to ensure continuation of heating during the heating season. The old boilers were pressure jet, and the combined flue d...

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