Flue Products

The energy industry is constantly evolving, and our selection of products has always done the same. Our core flue products are:

Low Temperature Condensing (LTC)

New product for condensing, atmospheric and pressure applications

Suitable for gas and oil
Available in single and twin wall
Sleek modern appearance
Laser welded seams and machine formed joints
Pre-fitted, corrosion resistant O-ring seal
The single wall has a new silicone rubber triple lip seal – 265 degrees c max operating temp, tested to withstand pressures of 5000Pa and suitable for condensing applications.

PS & PS Lite

The PS system is used where temperatures and pressures are higher, therefore it is ideally suited to CHP engines and diesel generators. It features:

  • PS - 1mm thick 316 grade stainless steel inner liner.
  • 0.7mm thick 304 grade stainless steel outer skin.
  • PS Lite - 0.7mm thick inner and 0.5mm outer.
  • Insulation thicknesses of 25, 50, 75, 100 and150mm in order to comply with BSEN1856 in relation to surface temperatures of outer casing.
  • The insulation medium can be altered to suit specific requirements.
  • High pressure flanged joint, rated to 16,600Pa @ 600°C.
  • 4 hour fire rating.

The recent surge in both small and large CHP installations has seen the use of the PS product grow significantly. This is in no small part due to the requirements of IGE UP3, in particular the statement that on all gas-fuelled spark ignition and dual fuel engines "all joints should be either screwed or flanged”. This means that, whilst standard push-fit systems may meet the operating temperatures and pressures of smaller CHP units, because of the initial pressure spike on start-up to way beyond the operating pressure, a fully flanged high-pressure exhaust system should be used.


An ideal product for the modern high efficiency and condensing boiler market, it is also suitable for biomass installations as well as most oil-fired boiler plant. It features:

  • Light gauge 316 grade stainless steel inner liner.
  • Light gauge 304 grade stainless steel outer skin.
  • 25mm rockwool insulation.
  • Elastomer joint seal, rated to 1000Pa @ 200°C.
  • 4 hour fire rating.

All ranges are CE marked in accordance with BSEN1856:2009, fire rated to BS476 and comply fully with BSEN1443:2003.

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