Natural Ventilation Systems

The energy efficient alternative to conventional air conditioning. Windvent systems are ideal for many buildings, such as schools, offices, recreational and public buildings. Terminals can be manufactured in keeping with the architectural aesthetics of the buildings to which they are installed, or alternatively, they can be designed and manufactured to give a contrasting appearance, adding a feature aspect to the overall structure of the building.

The natural ventilation system operates on well-established aerodynamic principles. As air flows around a terminal, positive and negative pressure areas are generated. On the positive side, air enters the louvres of the terminal and is directed down into the room below. The negative pressure on the opposite side of the terminal then induces air to leave the terminal, drawing the stale hot air from the room below. 

Automatically adjusting dampers are provided to modulate the input of natural air within the system, allowing for differing temperatures, wind conditions or air quality requirements.

We provide a range of control equipment to complement our natural ventilation and lighting applications. They range from standalone wall switch operated systems to fully automated intelligent touch screen configurations.

All of our systems use LCD displays and simple LED traffic lights to provide exact and informative sensor measurements, combined with visual readings for spatial temperature and CO2 levels.

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