CCTV Chimney Surveys & Pressure Testing

CCTV Surveys 

We regularly carry out CCTV camera surveys of existing flues and chimneys. This is an invaluable aid when looking to either re-use an existing flue system, or install a new liner in an existing chimney stack. 

The survey is generally carried out prior to the tender process, and therefore we are usually employed either directly by the client, or their consultant. A video is produced showing the internal condition of a flue or chimney, and a detailed report accompanies it, highlighting any obstructions or other areas of concern and making considered recommendations. 

Pressure Testing

Midtherm Engineering Ltd provide pressure testing of flues and exhausts in accordance with IGEM/UP/10 Edition 4. 

All flue products are factory tested to ensure they are suitable and fit for purpose. Once installed we offer pressure testing on all of our flue systems to further prove the integrity of our products.

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