Upon reaching an elevated temperature or CO2 level, the Midtherm i-Window system will automatically open a building’s windows in order to maintain comfortable room conditions. The i-Window system can be programmed to work alone or in conjunction with other natural ventilation options. The Midtherm i-Window System that regulates the control of a building’s windows, allowing the effects of natural ventilation to be optimised.

i-Window Zone Control

The i-Window controls systems are manufactured with pre-installed site specific software and have integrated 24vDC power supplies for safe operation.

These are connected as MODbus slave devices and can be controlled via MODbus from most capable BEMS systems. Alternatively the i-Window systems can be interfaced through our pre-configured MID-IMC Intelligent Master Controller with BACnet MSTP gateway capability.
  • Intelligent modulating control of most commonly available 24vDC actuators.
  • Time control feature to prevent windows being opened outside of working/occupied hours.
  • Zone by zone enable/disable function.
  • Night time cooling facility following warmer days to give a ‘fresh’ climate for the following day.
  • Morning purge setting to open windows fully each morning if required and as security permits.
  • Individual control with user override of each room (as required) via aesthetically pleasing MID-2012 climate control panel.
  • Single 24vDC power supply to power all actuators in a single zone, minimising wiring requirements and capital expenditure.
  • Low volt site wiring cables quick and cost-effective to install.
  • Anti-finger trapping.
  • MID-2012 controllers all have an occupant override facility as standard.
  • All windows revert to Auto mode following specified room user override times.
  • Intelligent MID-2012 room controllers can be linked to the ‘Actual’ external weather conditions and internal space requirements as opposed to simple traditional seasonal settings.
  • Optional battery back-up failsafe open/closed facility per room linked to fire panel or fireman’s switch.

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