Intelligent Controls

Our range of X-Stream control units have been developed by Midtherm Engineering to our unique requirements and specifications. The popular control systems for which these units are designed include a Standalone, Standalone Plus and Modbus Open Protocol configuration, each of which can be further adapted to suit our client’s requirements. They range from the standalone wall switch operated systems to a fully automated intelligent touch screen configuration, which is designed to integrate with a wider Building Energy Management System (BEMS), usually via Modbus RTU Open Protocols.

Intelligent Control Systems

All of our systems use both reliable LCD displays and simple LED traffic lights to provide exact and informative sensor measurements combined with visual readings for spatial temperature and CO2 levels.

We believe that the modern customer is increasingly interested, informed and capable of comprehending the impact of temperature and carbon dioxide levels and understanding their importance when applied to the environment and employee performance.

At the centre of all of our systems is the MID-2012 control panel. Each system is configured around this module to meet individual requirements. We also supply a selection of additional key system components within our packages.

The X-Stream control system versions include:

  • 1.0 - Standalone Control System.
  • 2.0 - Standalone Plus System with optional control of automatic windows and underfloor heating.
  • 3.0 - Modbus Open Protocols with connection to popular BEMS systems.


System Controllers



Designed for the regulation of cooling and heating applications. Its integrated sensors control the temperature levels and can be linked to Modbus RTU sytems. MID-2012 features LCD and touch sensitive buttons.

MID-IMC Intelligent Master Controller

Allows a building manager to optimise critical changes to room temperatures, CO² levels, service alarms, weather data and scheduling for up to 64 Modbus enabled devices. Multiple units can be used to manage larger systems on a floor by floor basis. Remote internet maintenance access can also be utilised as an option.


Zone timers & wiring centres

A 3 or 4 zone controller for night time cooling and boost override, incorporating a 24hr 7 day digital programme, with 1hr or 2hr boost ventilation setting and holiday mode to suspend progammes if needed. It features an automatic Summer/Winter programme changeover, which facilitates reduced user intervention.

MID2050-1 / MID2050-6
IP54 rated wiring centre supporting single or multiple actuators. Each unit has a 24V power supply for our range of control components.

We stock a wide range of equipment to complement our natural ventilation and lighting applications

These products include lockable sensor covers, fan controllers, adjustable window actuators, modulating and open-close actuators, solar charge controllers, solar battery remote meters and monocrystalline solar panels.

As part of Midtherm’s commitment to protecting the environment, we ensure that we give a traceable account
of what happens to waste created from the work we undertake.

Where there are redundant parts, we ensure that the waste is sent for recycling to be re-used in the production of other products.

We endeavour to recycle as much as 95% of all waste that is produced from the work we carry out.


Carbon dioxide sensor used to trigger ventilation boosts and features traffic light indicators - CO² count as per EU standard:
> 1250 PPM - Red
> 750 PPM - Orange
< 750 PPM - Green

Highly reliable heated rain and snow sensor suitable for BEMS and Boiler Management System (BMS).

Wind speed and direction, rain, brightness and temperature sensor.

Modbus weather station monitoring wind speed, precipitation and external temperature.

24V wind speed and external temperature sensor suited to standalone systems.

Relay modules, fan speed controllers & other controls

Relay module for controlling dampers within single or multiple zones.

Fan relay module to enable operation of solar and mains powered fans within our ventilation systems.

IP rated Fireman’s override key switch for use with MID2050-1/6 wiring centres. This allows the local fire department to select uniform open or shut damper position in an emergency.

Variable fan speed controller unit. Controlling fan speeds for internal requirements.

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